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About Us - About Us

about us

Producing viable short term bull and bear swing studies.

Studies produced typically range within a 6 month scope of analysis.

We produce a single bull and bear study - weekly. enjoy when available.

Publishing of our weekly study will be on Sunday - prior to 10 pm eastern standard time.

We can not guarantee any study performance.

more about us actual study data is produced on time frame and analysis.

Our portfolio consists of past study awareness and history beyond that.

We do not educate processes involved in or respect to investing.

Our studies are published on a private basis for further public study.

We are not in the business of newsletter publishing.

We are not in the business of buying or trading equities.

We are considered a research company with a goal of producing favorable results.

Our payment processor is thru PayPal under Quark International.

Third party research as involved is inclusive of final score and results in the Matrix.

Promotional incentives "refer a friend" is key to maintaining our low cost.

We appreciate your support as you are part of an over all mechanism on further research.